When encountering the last two steel golems of Origins, which are part of the Slim Couldry line of quests, it is possible to bypass them without a fight. The golems are triggered by pressure plates within the room, spread out in a checkerboard pattern of five. Disable all five (which requires a rogue with the appropriate skill) and the golems do not activate - allowing the Warden to enter the vault and retrieve the Tears of Andraste untouched.If you do desire to destroy the golems, note that they behave precisely as stone golems do, just with increased stats. They have greater armor, health, and damage, and triggering the traps will also fill the room with poison gas, dealing damage to all companions. The most experience is gained from disarming four of the traps, then activating the fifth and killing the two golems. The traps are all deactivated (and cannot be disarmed) if even one is activated. See: Dragon Age: Origins

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