Sniffers are weak melee enemies which are usually little more than a nuisance; they are only a threat when encountered in large numbers and / or confined spaces. They do not use any complex tactics, simply moving towards the player and then attacking with their claws, and are easily dealt with using the Tesla Gun, Flammenwerfer or the bayonet of the Kar98. With Mire, it is easy to kill almost any number of Sniffers with melee attacks. They have only 20 health points.A second type of Sniffer is encountered late in the game in the mission Airfield, identical to the normal type in behaviour but with dynamite attached to their body. This type will explode when killed, though the explosion is not as powerful as a grenade and on Normal difficulty will only critically damage the player, not kill them. The Mire upgrade "Shearing Crystal" and the Shield upgrade "Reactive Crystal" will both kill Sniffers instantly See: Wolfenstein (2009)