Slugga Nobz start appearing during Chapter 2. They deal massive amounts of melee damage and can take a lot of punishment before being stunned. You should generally avoid melee with Nobz unless you are in Fury mode. Kite them while unloading Bolter fire on them, or consider lobbing some grenades on their path. Pelting a Nob with Vengeance Launcher mines will also do the trick nicely. If they get too close and you see them wind up for a strike, try to roll out of the way.For a more aggressive approach, when a Nob charges you can counter-charge by sprinting directly into it and using a shoulder-slam. This will break the Nob's charge and stagger it, giving you space for a few solid melee strikes. Use heavy stun combos to keep the Nob from recovering or roll away and open up with ranged fire before it can swing at you. When they become stunned, you can close in to Execute them (you can also just shoot them dead at this point, but often the health boost and stunning of surrounding Orks is useful). Note that when you use Execute on a Nob, you must win a "struggle" – a button-mashing sequence – to actually pull it through. See: Warhammer 40K Space Marine

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