The Queen of the Blackmarsh is a slightly difficult encounter if you do not understand the fight is broken up into two main phases. The first being the Queen acting as a basic dragon. In this form, she is resistant to lightning attacks, and has the basic tail knockback that affects anything behind her, a back leg kick that does decent damage to players close to her tail, but on her side, that also knocks them back, as well as a lightning breath attack that targets anything in front of her. The second phase involves several floating orbs of lightning arranged in a circle around the Queen, who has taken on an orb form herself that is still attackable, but is immune to critical hits/backstabs. While in this form, she will not cause any damage to the player and their party.The lightning balls should be killed as quickly as possible, as when they reach the center of the circle, where the Queen is, they heal her for a decent amount (up to 350 each on Nightmare). The Queen enters the second phase three times: when she reaches 75%, 50%, and 25% health. Charged Wisps can be frozen, stunned, and paralysed. Rain of Arrows may be a solid choice, but only once they are close enough together around the Queen. It is advisable to have all characters set to take a health poultice when health gets low, and to have any mages standing far enough away to avoid the dragon's attacks, but close enough to jump in and start killing the lightning balls when they appear. See: Dragon Age: Origins

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