The High Dragon possesses the following offensive capabilities: Fire Spit, Flame Breath, Massive Attack, Grab, Buffet. It can also attack with its tail and hind legs when you try to flank it. Occasionally, notably when the highest threat target is out of melee range, the High Dragon may briefly fly up out of view. Afterwards, it comes crashing down in an open location in the area. Any companions caught in the vicinity of the boss when it lands take massive physical damage. Wynne's healing capabilities are invaluable when facing the High Dragon.Morrigan should certainly turn on Frost Weapons if you use her here.Shale is an excellent choice for the party main tank in this scenario. Equipping Large Brilliant Fire Crystal will increase resistance to the dragon's fire breathing attacks. Shale is also immune to the dragon's 1-hit kill move; couple this with the Stoneheart ability to make her a very durable tank.With Oghren as a tanking berserker with Yusaris (greatsword) and the Juggernaut set found to be a great team with a warrior Warden. (The team also used Wynne and Morrigan simultaneously for healing/ranged attacks)Use any other characters as a distraction while trying to keep Morrigan and Alistair alive as long as possible. Set Alistair's tactics to use health potions. Morrigan can cast the Nightmare spell combination for a significant amount of spirit damage (careful micro-management is required, since the sleep duration is short and any damage will cancel the sleep effect). Cold attacks do nicely as well. Keep Morrigan as far from the dragon as possible while Alistair bashes the dragon in close quarters. Eventually, Alistair will take the dragon down.Leliana using a good bow and equipped with non-fire elemental(ice) arrows can do a significant amount of damage from a safe distance without pulling aggro from the tank. Use ice arrows + frost weapons from your mage for really nasty ranged damage against the dragon. Also having her use Shattering Shot, especially with Master Archer, can also help a great deal. Add Song of Courage to the mix, and you have a strong candidate for your dragon-slaying needs.With the Feastday Gifts and Pranks DLC installed set Sten as your tank (ensuring he has the Qunari Prayers for the Dead) with a Self-Health<=75%-Use health poultice: least powerful tactic (set at top of list). This will keep Sten alive and he will be able to resurrect any fallen characters. A healthy supply of (lesser) Injury Kits is also recommended. See: Dragon Age: Origins

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