The Genlock Master Assassin is a Genlock Alpha found in Fort Drakon, in the city of Denerim, during the game's final main quest: The Final Battle. He is located on the second floor, and will lead a small handful of Genlock Assassin Acolytes against The Warden. He employs many rogue Talents, favoring those from the assassin and Dual Weapon specialization trees. As in most encounters with Genlock rogues, most if not all of the assailants will be in stealth mode when first encountered (They can still be detected by the sound of their breathing).He can be a tough opponent, but it is inadvisable to expend too many resources during the fight, as the ambush occurs just before the final battle with the Archdemon. It is possible to avoid combat with the Genlock Master Assassin altogether. He is located in a single room with two ogres and a Hurlock Emissary. Both the ogre's can be pulled with ranged attacks and then killed in the anteroom. If your party has a stealth character capable of individually defeating the Hurlock Emissary, then you can continue to the Archdemon without the Master Assassin ever revealing himself. See: Dragon Age: Origins

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