Drowned Sailors are enemies that appear in the Deluded Depths of Wonderland in Alice: Madness Returns. They are the souls of drowned men that were lost at sea, who at first appear to be a problem rather than a menace, but eventually can prove to be a dangerous nautical foe.The first problem with the Drowned Sailor is that it can't be seen to begin with except for a swirling of the ocean's waters, two blue flames for eyes and a dank, dark ominous shadow that is the soul itself. In this stage, the feral ghost is invincible.However, when the Drowned Sailor carries two bombs and cackles, this is the opportunity to use the Pepper Grinder, which will explode the bombs in its hands, giving Alice the opportunity to attack him with the Vorpal Blade.The Drowned Sailor also chases Alice by burying himself underground and then raising up for an uppercut, following by a ground-punch that is rather powerful. A slash at him can leave him dazed which allows for a combo. Throughout fights, the Sailor can disappear temporarily. See: Alice: Madness Returns