A Doll Girl is quite fast when she catches sight of Alice, but she still has a noticeable pause before any of her attacks. Keeping your distance is advisable when possible, as she lacks any ranged moves.Using the Pepper Grinder or repeated melee attacks on a Doll Girl's body will tear off her dress and make her appear vulnerable. The Doll Girl tends to cover itself with its arms when it feels threatened, countering aggressive foes with its powerful fire breath. To overcome this obstacle, target the Doll's arms (optimally with the Teapot Cannon). This prevents her from defending her body and also limits her attacks to shockwaves and fire breath, neither of which has especially good range. Once her porcelain body takes enough damage, the front will shatter, revealing an oversized heart. Further damage to the organ causes it to explode, bringing down the Doll Girl. Another plan of attack consists of removing the pins that hold her arms on. Running around behind the Doll Girl and shooting them out with the Pepper Grinder will leave the Doll Girl disarmed (in both senses of the term) and weakened. The down side to this is it forces her to use her fire breath more which can be harder to avoid. The pins can be targeted independently from each other and the Doll Girl. See: Alice: Madness Returns

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