'Ard Boyz will start appearing from Chapter 6 onwards. There is generally only a couple of them at once. They can protect themselves with the shield fairly well from both ranged and melee attacks, and make stunning/staggering swipes with the shield. They have no ranged weapon, so you can safely kite and avoid them, though.You cannot stun an 'Ard Boy with a single combo, but if you are not pressed by other enemies, chaining stun combinations will keep it staggered and it will eventually be stunned. You can also pile ranged fire on it (note that a charged shot from your Plasma Pistol will knock it down, allowing further shots or melee attacks to hit properly), use explosives, or try to roll behind it to bypass the shield. The Execution animation for 'Ard Boyz is especially entertaining, as Titus rips the shield away from them and beats them down with it, perhaps even decapitating them with it. See: Warhammer 40K Space Marine

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